INVERTER MIG 250/400/600

Product Code #PRO_00850

- Capable of welding all types of metal like SS, MS & AI etc. - An excellent machine for Mig Brazing application also. - Digital Amps and Volts Meter For accurate and Precise Setting.

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Quick Details

  • Portable, Compact and Light Weight
  • Excellent Arc Characteristics on both solid and Flux Cored wires.
  • Delivers Smooth and stable are even at Lower Current
  • Save Electricity Cost
  • Unique integrated Adjustment control offer automatic Control in.
  • Welding current when arc voltage is changed due to hand movement.
  • Very low spatters due to inverter based power source.
  • Fresh Arc Start, Smooth and optimum bead shape.
  • 100 % indigenous & service possible up to component level in printed circuit boards.

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